I am a
wife, mother, actress, speaker, writer
and co-owner of Pure Flix Entertainment. My husband and I enjoy creating films and media that offer positive messages of hope and encouragement.

ANDREA LOGAN WHITE believes that in the midst of our brokenness, God sees beauty. Inspired by her own journey toward discovering that truth, she is now helping women experience the freedom that comes from discovering God’s love and mercy despite our flaws.


As a wife, mother, actress, producer, writer and speaker, Andrea has walked through the discouraging valleys that striving for perfection brings. She has survived a life-threatening battle with an eating disorder and emerged with an enduring passion to encourage woman who experience similar anxieties with body image struggles and weight issues in particular. Her hope is that these women will be empowered to break free of the expectations of today’s world to live healthy, fulfilled lives and pass the same hope along to others.


A Chicago-area native, Andrea moved to San Diego after high school and discovered a love for acting while studying theater at a local college. She then began a modeling career that led her to Hollywood and the world of television, including appearances on “The X Show,” “Fear Factor” and most recently, “Hitting the Breaks.” She also pursued a business in health and fitness, becoming a celebrity fitness trainer for clients like Eva Longoria and Ewan McGregor.


Soon after meeting and marrying her husband, actor and producer David A. R. White, she dove into her film career, starring in films such as “SIX: The Mark Unleashed,” “The Moment After 2,” “My Date with Drew,” “In the Blink of an Eye,” “Sarah’s Choice,” “Marriage Retreat,” “Brother White,” “Revelation Road” I & II, “Mom’s Night Out” and “Do You Believe.”


Andrea’s heart is to share her own journey and walk with other women along theirs, helping them find joy and freedom in sharing their brokenness and discover the true beauty in the perfectly unfinished parts of their stories. Andrea lives in Los Angeles with her husband, David, and her three children, Ethan, Ocean and Everson. Andrea is co-owner of Pure Flix Entertainment and continues to produce, act, write and speak regularly, spreading her message of grace and embracing flaws and imperfections to women around the world.