Apr 19

Be A Light

I Want to Be in the Light

Recently a 13 year old in our area committed suicide…it takes my breath away…I can’t imagine losing one of my kids…let alone at 13…let alone to suicide…
While I didn’t know this family or this boy, I have been carrying around the heavy weight of their pain as well as other families that have suffered the loss of a child.…


And it’s made me think about something I’ve touched on before (Love One Another..3/29) you never know what someone is carrying—what they have going on behind closed doors…what they are carrying in their hearts or hiding behind a smile. You also never know when the last time you might see them….


I have a friend who is going through a pretty rough divorce. Actually, I have a few friends struggling with this. This one friend in particular tries her best to hide the pain and stress her ex is putting on her. She is dealing with a man who has removed their money and hidden it, is suing her for alimony, threatening her friends, and has tried to take personal belongings from her. She wakes up every day and has to put a smile on her face and pretend everything is fine for the sake of her kids and her sanity…while all along she is crumbling inside. And if you didn’t know her like I do, you would think she is totally fine, in fact she is a super mom and incredible friend to so many, but inside she is hurting so much and struggling.


My heart aches for her, for the burden she and many of my other friend’s carry. The bravery, the courage and swallowing their hurt while raising their children… The same pain that someone has when taking their own life, or losing their child to suicide, the pain that someone has when diagnosed with an incurable illness, or an addiction that someone can’t let go of. P A I N. We ALL have it, and we all deal with it in different ways. Some hide it, some lash out in anger, some isolate, some deflect and avoid and others can’t cope so they turn to food, drugs or alcohol.


That’s why I want to encourage you to be a light to everyone around you…because you never know what small act of kindness might be doing for someone else… how you might lift someone up just by saying hello or reaching out with a “thinking of you” text or call, helping someone with their groceries, offering to take their kids for a play date, dropping off muffins or dinner to their house, or having them over for dinner…the smallest gesture can go so far…


Back in February our pastor talked about Light & Darkness.


Light always overcomes darkness.
Light exposes what is hidden.
Light reveals what is true.
Light Guides whoever needs direction
Light provides clarity and confidence.


We need to turn to the light, walk in the light and shine with the light. We need to remember that we may be the only Jesus someone ever encounters…So love one another as Jesus commanded us to do…I encourage you to do it joyfully and to do it well. Do it with your mess, because we all have one! Be a light and see them the way God sees them and you.. absolutely perfect, just the way he sees Jesus.



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