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BTS – Behind the Scenes



This summer has been a whirlwind! We started filming our newest sitcom for Pureflix, Malibu Dan the Family Man, on May 31st. We hit the ground running with the show with an insane schedule! I thought it would be fun to take y’all behind the scenes to get an inside peek at what it was like on set.




One of my favorite comedies, is Anchorman and one of my favorite comedic actors is Will Ferrell, so playing a morning talk show host was a dream—reading off the teleprompter, having ridiculous guests on our show (that our characters thought were important), and that whole “news anchor” vibe.

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My character’s name was Holidae Sinclair. She was super fun to play because she was a sassy, know-it-all who was above the job and a bit arrogant, always trying to one-up her career to make it to a prime time slot. I had a lot of fun developing her character and playing her—as well as playing co-host to Dan (who was played by David). I “play” his wife every day, LOL so it was fun to have a role opposite him.



If you ask any actor, most of them would say that comedy is the hardest because it’s finding the balance between self-deprecation, amplifying some characteristics within and being likable (you want the audience to cheer you on).  With comedy, it’s not funny unless there is some suffering. Sometimes it takes a while to find that balance—it can sometimes unfold as you are getting into your role.




Preparing to play Holidae, I focused a lot on shows that inspire me like Friends, Threes Company, Seinfeld and The Office. I tried to think about the things about the characters in these ensemble casts that made me laugh and pull on my heartstrings. It was fun to amplify those traits for the role.




Our shoot schedule was beyond crazy.  Typically, when filming a show, you shoot 1 episode per week. We shot 13 episodes in under a month. Door-to-door it was 15 hour work days so we were exhausted. The first week (on day 3). I had 9 changes. We were going between 13 different scripts sometimes within a day or two. To give you an idea of the craziness, when we shot Hitting the Breaks (hotlink: ) (premieres 7/21) we did 1 episode/week, over almost 3 months (10 episodes total). This show was 13 episodes in 4 weeks!




Because of the crazy schedule, we had very quick changes & quick touch ups. We didn’t have 30-60 minutes to change for next scene…we would have 10-15 minutes tops to get ready for the next scene. So basically we had to throw all vanity out the window!!!



DESPITE the chaos, it was so much fun. One of my favorite things about working on our projects and that we often work with our long time friends like Brad & Kevin—who  we have worked with for years and who are like family.  It is always so special to be on set together because we always get to encourage and learn from each other. There were no egos here!

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Being that we filmed in May and June, not only was it summer in the valley, but we would have to turn the AC off to shoot scenes. (We all felt so hot, and uncomfortable!) Oh the joys of what “really” happens behind the scenes!! ☺

And then there’s David, the “class clown,” who was always trying to get us to laugh OR posting something to Facebook live (hotlink to David’s facebook page).  We would be sitting around rehearsing a scene—running our lines—and David would start a facebook live post. This was such a no-no as an actor b/c we were all trying to feel out our lines and get our timing with one another and David is broadcasting it!




And the last thing I will mention is how much fun it was to have all of the various guest stars on the show—including our daughter  who got to play in an episode with us.

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Whew! After many long, crazy shoot days you can see why a little R&R was an order…



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