Mar 01

Princess Parties and Family Gatherings



As February comes to a close, it marks the end of a month of lots of celebrating. Both of my sweet little girls have birthdays in February; one week apart…Well, 3 years and one week apart. They were both due the exact same date (March 3rd) but both came early (thanks to scheduled C-sections).


I love that they share the same birth month. I feel like it adds to their special sisterly bond. I never grew up with sisters and I cherish the love I see between Ocean and Evie growing up together. Ocean has a very tender way with Evie. Her balance brings peace to my wild child and I catch myself stopping to watch the two of them playing, getting into trouble…and just moving so organically around each other. It is such a blessing.


In preparation for their big days, I was going to plan a shared party…but Ocean decided she didn’t want one. Secretly I was so relieved to dodge the pressure of the perfect, Pinterest party with themed-out everythings that I couldn’t even imagine. These days there is so much pressure to do these super elaborate parties. What ever happened to family gathering around the table with a cake and some balloons? Well, that’s what we did…oh, and a quick trip to Disneyland…


Ocean asked if we could all go to Disneyland as a family. I. LOVE. THIS. So we packed it up and headed down to “the happiest place on earth” and spent the day spoiling our little princesses as if they WERE princesses.


Highlights from our day: well, first off, we have a dear friend that used to work for the park and was able to get us staff passes! So the February-already-short-lines became even shorter, which was nice. Next, we had the most delicious lunch at the exclusive (and kind of super fancy) Club 33. It was so yummy…but if you are thinking of dining there, check out how to get on the list. There are definite hoops you have to jump through to join “the club.” Thankful we had friends that hooked us up!!


Ok, but on to probably the most special part of our day at Disneyland: the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where our girls were “princess”-pampered: getting their hair & make up done, a princess gown of choice, wand, crown…plus pictures near Cinderella’s carriage and hanging with their favorite princesses. Something I don’t think they will ever forget…or me.



To round out the week (and to get back to the basics), my family came into town for the girls’ birthdays.



This might have been the most special part of their celebration…spending it with family gathered around the table laughing and telling stories, food, cake and balloons.




I felt so blessed to look around the table and see so many loved ones coming together for my girls. This truly is the way to celebrate the life God has given us: surrounded by the people we love…


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