Dec 21

The Gift of a Trip

I spent the majority of last week on the road doing press for my book, Perfectly Unfinished. David and I flew to Virginia to be on the 700 Club, followed by a trip up the coast to New York City for more interviews. I was looking forward to the trip in so many ways, but at the same time, dreading the travel because I get horrible migraines when I fly and often takes me days to recover. And then it’s such a busy time of the year, so of course, the mama guilt kicked in since I was leaving my kids for a few days…it never fails that the few times I travel, one of them always has an important presentation or report due.

In Virginia Beach, at the 700 Club, I was a guest alongside Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, author of a very powerful book called “Love and Respect”. Emerson, David and I got to hang out all day, and I have to say that God really blessed us with his wisdom. David and I have been together for over 15 years and of course we have areas of our marriage we want to work on. There is always room for improvement — in any relationship. David and I have been going a 100 miles an hour and need time to connect. As the dust settled in the green room at the 700 Club, David and I were able to sit down and connect with Emerson, who essentially witnessed to us all day and blessed us with so much knowledge. God is so good.

“In you, Lord my God, I put my trust.” – Psalm 25:1

In fact, the entire time we were on the road, I felt like God orchestrated people in my path to help and protect me during this whirlwind trip. The night before we left, I broke down to David because I felt overwhelmed leaving the kids. I started questioning my purpose and why I even needed to go on the trip. Acting comes naturally to me, but what I find challenging is having to be myself and put myself out there in interviews. When I act, I can transform into another character, another person, but public speaking makes me feel incredibly vulnerable.

In Virginia Beach, there was a woman I met behind the scenes that shared her heart with me, and the Lord used her to speak encouragement and edification into me. The orchestrated conversations we had throughout the day were like “God winks.” It was a reminder over and over again of His faithfulness. I often get so focused on my own issues that I forget the progress I’ve made. Sometimes we have to get out of our element and out of our daily trials to see what God is doing; where we have been and where we are now. It’s easy to get distracted by our own daily trials.

Then we headed up to New York City. There is something that awakens in me when I’m in that city. In the down time between interviews at Fox we walked the city. We walked up 5th Avenue with coffee steaming in our hands and looked at the festive, decorated windows. Our publicist joined us and took great care of us – not to mention he has a knack for making us laugh so hard we would cry. We walked to Radio City Music Hall and saw the Rockettes perform, we walked and walked… it was magical. It was another “God Wink.” After the deep conversations we had with Emerson, and the many others we connected with in our path, it was like we were given this gift to reconnect with each other and invest in putting his wisdom to practice. I was so grateful that we had a few moments to reflect on our years of ups and down and to reflect on God’s goodness.

I had so many mixed feelings about this trip, but I came back renewed and encouraged. I have been so weary in so many ways and when the plane touched down in Los Angeles, I felt this deep tugging at my heart—the greater need to be in God’s presence more. I came back hungry for more time with God and the desire to reconnect with my girl friends here and to be in the world more. This trip was a gift.

I hope you find and receive many unexpected gifts this season.


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