Jul 12

The Joys and Stresses of a Family Vacation

When I say we went on a “vacation” with our kids, what I really mean is that we went on a trip. I’m not complaining AT ALL because I feel so blessed to have spent 8 days in Maui with my family…but what I am saying is that it’s hard work!  It’s hard to fully unwind with 3 kids in the ocean or 3 kids in the pool or really keeping track of 3 kids A N Y W H E R E.  That being said, we had an amazing time.



We stayed at the Grand Wailea in Maui which was at full capacity during our stay (and made the “keeping track” mentioned above a challenge!). In fact, we lost Ethan one day when he said he was going down a specific waterslide and then would meet us at the bottom. Well, there are about ten different slides so when he changed his mind last minute and we were waiting at the first slide, we missed each other and ended up frantically searching for our 11 year old…who was waiting on the beach to “meet up” with his family.  Eek!!!



Some of my kid’s favorite activities {found here} were the Fishpipe (a favorite of Ethan’s), Paddle-boarding (David and Ethan hit this one a lot!), the sandy-bottomed kiddie pool (which Evie ruled)…and the hands-down favorite for all the kids were all of the waterslides mentioned above.



One of the things that I loved most about our trip was sharing a small space with my family. There is something to be said about being confined to an intimate space like that…It’s also very liberating to not have a kitchen (no 11pm clean ups after the kids go down ), no laundry, etc. It was nice to be free of the daily duties…

I loved being able to slow everyone down too. We weren’t on a crazy schedule, which allowed us to sleep in with no rush to get anywhere. We were definitely on island time!



When the kiddos got too much sun, we did stuff like trips to Target (crazy, but truly entertaining), we took them to the movies and my favorite was doing a movie night in our hotel room, all snuggled in bed, munching on local pizza.



We got to visit a few friends on the island while we were there. We were blessed to be able to worship at Maui Christian Church, which our friends pastor. We also spent a day with our friends Carlos & Alexa PenaVega , who just moved to Maui. So thankful for the time we spent with them in fellowship!


WHAT I LEARNED from this trip:

  1. It’s definitely easier now that Evie is four.
  2. David and I played a lot of tag team (watching the kids).
  3. We can’t take our eyes off our kids.
  4. There is something really sweet about having the kids with you b/c you fall into a relaxed routine.
  5. I really love “island time”– It’s a nice change of pace from being in LA.
  6. Evie was the social butterfly of the pools. It was really nice to see our third one shine like that!
  7. And my favorite thing: I really enjoyed the mess of it all.  


I got to take a step back and really appreciate each of my kids and really take each of them in…what a blessing…Mahalo Maui!!





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