Sep 21

The Pressure of Perfection

How many of you feel like you fall short of the world’s standards or even your own standards?  We are all aware of the obvious societal pressure, but what about the everyday pressure of achieving, accomplishing and being productive?  I feel that if I’ve fallen short during the day as a wife, mom, or friend, it affects my mood and I feel disappointed in myself. There is so much pressure to cook and clean and, for a lot of us, work full time, then take care of the kids full time, oh! And be beautiful and skinny and healthy, shuttling the kids around to 100 activities, all while shoving organic snacks in their mouths… Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it.

All of this pressure to be perfect results in self-criticism. We feel like we “can’t do it all” when, in reality, we CAN’T do it all. And the worst part is, it takes our eyes off of God. We lose peace. We doubt ourselves. And we become paralyzed because perfectionism can debilitate us and make us feel defeated even before we’ve started.

We are measuring ourselves to standards that God never set for us. He never asked us to focus on our weight or our outfits or what kind of car we drove or if our kid was on the honor roll…. God is such a simple, loving God. He measures us by our hearts.

Have you ever hear the phrase: “God leads you, Satan drives you?”  Don’t let the pressure to be perfect drive you to doubt who you are as a person or have self-hate. Don’t let it act as a mask to hide your fear and worthlessness. Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Embrace your imperfections. We will never be perfect and complete until we are united in heaven with Jesus. We are all just doing the best we can. Don’t look to social media to make you feel better! It certainly doesn’t help. I often say to my friends “what’s behind the smile” because behind every “perfect” moment on social media is a story that’s far from perfect  It’s hard when we reflect sometimes and feel like our lives aren’t going the way we wanted…maybe we feel they are just “mediocre” in our own eyes. Remember that those times that feel very ”vanilla” to us, are anything but. If we step back we would realize that God’s timing is always perfect. We need to be patient, be thankful, and love ourselves for all of our imperfections and wait patiently for God to complete His work in us.

Don’t let life pass you by while sitting on the side lines for fear of failure. Get in the game and enjoy the journey!

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